Cecabank and COVID-19

On 10 March 2020, following the recommendations of the health authorities, Cecabank activated its COVID-19 Business Continuity and Contingency Plan.

For this reason, we switched our business to remote working, and in less than a week almost 100% of employees were working from home. This measure reflected the need to limit the risk of transmission, keeping our employees and their family safe without compromising on quality of service.

Everyone at Cecabank yet again demonstrated their kindness and community spirit. Which is why also a record figure was reached of 55,350 euros as a sum of the contributions carried out between all those which were part of the universe Cecabank set aside for the solidarity initiative #CruzRojaResponde of Cruz Roja Española.

During lockdown, the Cecabank team demonstrated its professionalism and the ability to adapt to an environment which not only allowed us to work normally, but also led to significant commercial and operational success stories. Once again, Cecabank has proven itself to be a company which is fully digitally prepared, innovative and ready to tackle the difficult challenges caused by the current situation.

In July, it was time to return to our office. Cecabank has designed an excellent De-escalation Plan based on the values of caution, coordination, agility and flexibility. Moreover, in order to keep employees and their family safe, the Cecabank De-escalation Plan includes a wide range of protocols split into three areas:

  • Protection measures: disinfection and enhanced cleaning procedures; supply, storage and distribution of hygiene and protection equipment; specific actions for HVAC equipment; door usage rules; protocol for carrying out clinical tests before returning; and measures to be taken if employees have symptoms suggesting they are infected.
  • New guidelines. Standards have been drawn up regarding the use of common areas and meeting rooms, as well as travel and visits. Recommendations have also been prepared regarding workstations and group hygiene. All of this will be reinforced with specific signage to help us learn about and comply with these new guidelines.
  • Facilitators. All the necessary technical measures were provided to ensure all actions are safe.

Thanks to the measures adopted and the solidarity shown in preventing and minimising the risks caused by Covid-19, the bank has been honoured by the Region of Madrid with the Madrid Guarantee identification, which distinguishes the company's commitment to minimising the impact of the coronavirus, and which was recently renewed. This recognises Cecabank's compliance with regulations related to the prevention of COVID-19 and the extraordinary measures adopted to offer its employees and customers the best experience and services possible.

This commitment has been reinforced by Cecabank recently joining the CEOE Foundation's Health+Economy Sumamos Plan, which seeks to support the public administrations in mitigating the adverse effects of the pandemic and the autonomous regions in containing the virus, reinforcing the actions taken by the relevant health authorities and providing companies with tools to help curb the number of infections.