Our values

These are key pillars that define and describe our behaviour as a banking organisation. You are invited to discover them.

Customer orientation

We are in constant contact with our customers to detect their priorities and to foresee their needs. 

For Cecabank, customer satisfaction is a priority and to achieve it, we customise and adapt our products and services through modular solutions. Together with this flexibility, we uphold a constant attitude of listening to our customers and their needs, and we constantly monitor the quality of our products and services.


Customer satisfaction index


Our independence and neutrality characterises us as a financial institution

Because we are convinced that transparency and solidity are the foundations on which to build our credibility, at Cecabank we apply the highest standards of good governance and business responsibility, both in our product and services portfolio and with the professionals that form the company. Furthermore, the Cecabank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy takes into account the wholesale nature of the business and its offering of specialised financial services.


Financial and business expertise enables Cecabank to offer high-added-value products to its customers. 

Cecabank offers products and services with a high level of specialisation, thanks to the financial, technological and business expertise accrued by its employees. This specialisation makes it possible to offer to our customers solutions with high added-value for their business.

Trust in the brand and in the professionals of Cecabank is the aspect that is best valued by our customers.


The majority of our management systems are governed by international best practices and they are certified by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification).

Keeping the customers' trust is essential for Cecabank and for this reason, its strategic objectives include upholding a high level of solvency.


CET1 ratio (Dec 2020)

Our management systems are governed by international best practices and the majority of them are certified by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification).


In an increasingly demanding market, creativity and innovation become indispensable in order to be able to offer forward-looking solutions. 

Our customers need the best solutions every day to run their businesses in a demanding market. Faced with this reality, creativity and innovation are key pillars to offer forward-looking products and services.



The Cecabank Sustainability Policy is focused on the company's wholesale business and its specialised financial services. The sustainability policy permits CECA to focus its banking activity on its social, environmental and good governance interests, with a view to strengthening both its business and its long-term relationship with its customers.

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