The Cecabank Sustainability Policy is focused on the company's wholesale business and its specialised financial services. The sustainability policy permits CECA to focus its banking activity on its social, environmental and good governance interests, with a view to strengthening both its business and its long-term relationship with its customers.

Culture and identity

Sustainability is built into our corporate culture and into the Cecabank identity perceived by its internal and external stakeholders.

At Cecabank we work to maintain stable and long-lasting relationships with customers and stakeholder groups. A relationship map with stakeholders has been designed in order to give a better response, at all times, to issues that have been identified as relevant in accordance with each of their expectations and with the strategy of the company.

Furthermore, the Cecabank social action policy takes leverage from the commitment of the company's employees and the promotion of their pride of belonging.

Human capital

The diversity and well-being of the employees contribute to invigorating innovation and the use of talent.

The CSR Policy aims to contribute to improving the working environment and the pride of belonging, guaranteeing equal opportunities, fostering the attraction and retention of talent and making good use of the affluence of diversity in all its forms.

The support of human capital covers a broad range of initiatives, which strikingly include those which promote the diversity of the workforce as a lever for making use of talent.


The transparency of the way we run our day-to-day activities is essential to strengthen the characteristics of independence, neutrality and trust of our business.

Transparency strengthens our credibility and the disclosure of how we run our business. Our reporting framework adapts our messages to each of our stakeholders through the usual channels for communicating with each of them.

Innovation in the commercial offering

Sustainability is a source of innovation in the offering of products and services for our customers.

Sustainability is an engine for fostering innovation in our commercial offering and our services. The actions revolve around training our professionals and supporting our customers.


Managing corporate ethics contributes to strengthening our credibility as a specialised financial services provider.

In addition to strengthening our behaviour as professionals and as a company, our initiatives in the field of corporate ethics also strengthen the attributes of neutrality and independence of our professional services and our business. Our corporate ethics revolve around the Corporate Code of Conduct and the Channel through which enquiries and claims regarding the same can be processed.

Sustainability Policy

Carbon Footprint

At Cecabank we are conscious of the need to reduce Greenhouse Gases. We therefore measure our Footprint annually and undertake targeted actions to reduce it.

In our endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment, every year we prepare a report on our footprint and the specific targeted actions to reduce it. This report has been verified through a systematic, independent and documented process by AENOR.

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Non-financial Information Statement

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Initiatives with which we collaborate

Juan Carlos López

Head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations

A degree in Law and an MBA in Marketing from ESIC, with more than 17 years of experience in Customer services, combining them in the last 5 years with Financial Education and Obra Social (Social Work).

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