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Digital solutions

Pyramid Reporting


A comprehensive solution that reduces regulatory costs, optimises the information transfer cycle (XBRL) and is compatible with EBA standards.

Pyramid is Cecabank's regulatory reporting solution. It is an end-to-end service that minimises the workload regarding the processing of information demanded by regulators (FINREP, COREP, CIRBE), including regulatory analysis, supply automation, data validation and the physical transfer of files (XBRL).

Pyramid Reporting is an EBA-compliant solution that works based on the Data Point Model (DPM).

Juan Carlos Valero

Head of the Technological Reporting Platform

Juan Carlos Valero holds a degree in Systems Engineering from the UPM and participates in the IE NETI project. He has more than 12 year' experience and advanced qualifications in user-friendliness, requirements specification, system definition and distributed architecture.

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