Business Model

We have consolidated our position as a strategic partner, which specializes in wholesale (Bank to Bank) services, and we play a major role in the Spanish financial system.


Business lines

Cecabank is a financial institution which specializes in:

  • 1Depositary services
  • 2Custody and settlement

Securities Services

Cecabank is a financial institution which specializes in Securities Services.

We are the strategic partner of banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds and brokers, and we cover the entire value chain in post-trading processes for securities of every description. Cecabank is General Clearing Member at the Central Counterparty (CCP), which enables us to provide clearing services for brokers.

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Depositary services
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Depositary services for investment funds and pension funds (individual, associated and employment schemes).

The service has the AENOR UNE 1509001 quality certification, which was renewed in 2015.

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Custody and settlement
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Cecabank is a leading provider in the Spanish market, both in terms of daily settlement and assets under custody.

Cecabank's custody and settlement services enable its clients to cover every market and product type with a single provider.

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  • 1Trading Room
  • 2Banknotes
  • 3Treasury and Risk Support

Treasury Management

Extensive coverage of our clients’ needs:

The Trading Room conducts transactions in the main national and international markets, for (public and private) fixed income, currencies, equities and derivatives, both on a proprietary basis, investing its own funds, and to meet customer orders.

Our own treasury platform and our collateral and risk management system, developed by our expert team, are also used by a number of banks in the financial system.

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Trading Room

A guarantee of experience and prudence.

We continue to promote our important work as a Spanish Treasury market maker and have added a price platform through Bloomberg where counterparties can find prices that can be executed in real time.

We take part in all the Spanish Treasury auctions, including syndicated issuances. We also offer a service for debt issued by foreign Treasuries (Germany, Italy, USA, amongst others).

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Over thirty years providing foreign currency services to financial institutions.

Cecabank is the leader in the Spanish wholesale foreign banknote market and serves nearly all Spain's financial institutions.

Cecabank has extensive experience in logistics and securities transport, on both a national and international scale. Its logistics structure enables it to offer a top quality, highly flexible service, which can be tailored to every need.

Leader in the Spanish wholesale foreign banknote market.

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Treasury and Risk Support

Two competitive advantages: the excellence of its processes and the flexibility for incorporating regulatory and market changes.

The Treasury and Risk Services Centre provides services related to the support, maintenance and development of different applications for the following activities:

  • Front and Back Office
  • Market and counterparty risk control
  • Operational risk management
  • Support for the banknote business

In addition, it provides integrated collateral management services and the EMIR service.

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  • 1Means of Payment
  • 2Payment and Clearing Systems
  • 3Business intelligence and channels
  • 4Financial reporting
  • 5Regulatory consulting
  • 6International business
  • 7Bank Training School

Banking Services

We provide support solutions for business processes and specialized technology for payments, channels and business intelligence.

Apart from its high levels of professionalism and expert knowledge, Cecabank stands out in the fields of regulatory consulting and advisory services, financial reporting and training,nbased on over 80 years serving the financial community.

"A strategic partner which provides end-to-end specialized financial solution"
Means of Payment

Fraud detection and prevention services in transactions with cards.

Integrated support for means of payment with connectivity to multiple networks and support for different stages in the value chain.

  • Connectivity, exchange and preferential trading with multiple networks
  • Business intelligence applied to means of payment
  • Management solutions for merchant acquisition, issuance and e-commerce
  • Prevention of fraud and reaction to it
  • Mobility solutions
  • Loyalty-building solutions
  • Technology consultancy
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Payment and Clearing Systems

The certifications we have are evidence of our culture of continual improvement and quality of service.

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Business intelligence and channels

We have developed our own payment platform, under the tradename EALIA, to facilitate P2P though mobile telephony.

We provide remote channel services for financial institutions, fund managers and insurance firms (platforms and services such as the real estate portal, the branch network, e-banking, and mobility).

We also offer business intelligence services by processing operating data to obtain score cards and reports for different business areas.

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Financial reporting

Pyramid is Cecabank's response to increasing pressure from regulators in terms of requests for new financial information.

Pyramid provides our clients with full integrated coverage of the entire reporting cycle; thus, it goes from regulatory analysis stemming from the publication of a reporting requirement by a regulatory body to the physical dispatch of files, after all the information requested has been constructed and checked.

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Regulatory consulting

In the past few years Cecabank has become a benchmark for consultancy and advisory services in relation to financial regulation.

Our capacity to anticipate new regulations, the profound specialization of our team, the support of our own tools and the financial regulation webpage, underpinned by Cecabank's specialist experience and knowledge, are some of the factors that characterize our service.

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International business

Presence in the main European financial markets.

Foreign network

The network has a team responsible for the operating treatment of means of payment in foreign trade and international guarantees and pension agreements and emmigrants' remittances. It also has a Customer Service which specializes in resolving incidents and providing advisory services for pensioners, beneficiary entities in Spain, sender correspondent banks and payer entities.

International business

Cecabank has an extensive network of correspondents throughout the world, which enables it to send and receive payments in any currency to any part of the world.

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Bank Training School

After over forty years' in existence, the Bank Training School has become a reference for training in the banking sector on a national and international scale.

Our range of programmes and training solutions meet all an organization's needs and areas of knowledge. We have long experience in personalizing and adapting training schemes.

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