2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Cecabank is found in the Equator of the Strategic Plan 2020

Action plan

In 2018 has been continued with the deployment of the defined strategy consisting of strengthen general thrusts of business.

Action plan

Planes of internal transformation

Additionally, has been worked in the plans of internaltransformation, with a significant advance in its implementation.

Commercial management planning

Intense trading activity

Standardised commercial follow-up

Plan of Innovation

Conceptualisation of the innovation

Culture of innovation

Project Inizia



Impact analysis

Disclosure of the technology

Plan of Systems

Efforts directed to the incremental initiatives

Plan of CSR

Plan of materiality

Committee of CSR

Policy of social action

Corporate Governance

Activation of the Plan of Continuity and Succession

Guide of the EBA on internal Government

Plan of Quality

New quality certifications

Customer journey

Experience client

Efficiency plan

Analysis of processes


Communication plan

Internal communication

Social networks

Events and sponsorización

Magnifying glass

Objectives of the Plan 2020

The objectives that the bank wishes reach in 2020 are:

Gross income


million euros

Return (ROE)


Efficiency (without repayment)


Solvency (TIER 1 CAPITAL ratio)


Landmarks principals reached in 2018

During the second implementation year of the Strategic Plan 2020, these are the achievements reached:

Gross income

Main Landmarks 2018
Main Landmarks 2018

Diversification of incomes

The development of this model of business has consolidated an aside gross contribution structure more diversified.

Diversification of incomes

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