Aurora Cuadros: "We see cryptocurrencies as a business opportunity"

29 November 2021

Bolsamanía interviews our Corporate Director of the Operational Services Division

Cecabank and Funcas have published their latest analysis on the situation of the Spanish banking sector - 'Report on the Spanish banking sector in an environment of productivity changes' -, which examines the state of the sector, in this case with special emphasis on digitalisation and its consequences for all users.

Aurora Cuadros, Corporate Director of Cecabank's Operational Services Division, explained to Bolsamania the critical moment that the banking sector is currently experiencing, with an increase in investment in technology as part of the transition process towards new platform models.

"We have to create a digital culture (...) and commit to digital businesses, with an increase in the productivity of digital channels and special focus on all aspects related to cybersecurity", she notes. Accordingly, she specifies that this new digital ecosystem will improve customer experience.

In this digital context, cryptocurrencies and central banks' digital assets constitute, in Cuadros' opinion, "the most disruptive phenomenon" for the financial sector, a phenomenon that institutions must take advantage of by clearly marking out their roadmap in this regard.

If you want to see the full interview with the Corporate Director of Cecabank's Operational Services Division, click on the video above.