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About us

Our strengths

  • Independence
  • Neutrality
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Service guarantee
  • Solidity
  • Innovation

We take our solutions beyond the financial sector


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Specialisation and Solvency

Our prestige

Cecabank is a renowned provider given our market knowledge and specialisation. Our financial and business expertise allows us to offer high added-value products. In addition, the majority of our management systems are governed by international best practices and they are certified by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification).

Sustainability and Commitment

Our philosophy

We have a strong commitment to our customers, which enables us to build long-lasting relationships based on trust. We are also aware of the importance of the transition to a low-carbon economy and of our role as part of the financial sector.

International Business

We are present in highly relevant European financial centres, allowing us to promote Cecabank's services to our global customers.

Corporate information

All content relating to our corporate governance, customer information, use of personal data, ratings assigned to Cecabank and financial and non-financial reports, among others.

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