Specialisation and Solvency

Our prestige

extensive expert

Cecabank offers products and services with a high level of specialisation, thanks to our financial, technological and business expertise. This specialisation makes it possible to offer to our customers solutions with high added value for their business.

Benchmark bank

in B2B financial and technological services

High level of solvency,
a major distinguishing

The capital ratio of Cecabank remains among the highest in the market. Its speciality in Securities Services requires these levels to maintain the trust of our customers


Ratio CET1
(December 2022)

Cecabank Rating

Agency Short-term Long-Term Outlook
Moody's P-2 Baa2 Stable
Fitch F3 BBB Stable
S&P A2 BBB+ Stable

Rating of Spain

Short-term Long-Term
P-2 Baa1
A-1 A+

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