Feeling of market, by Alberto Carbonell

Yesterday's meeting of the Bank of England was settled without changes and with the intention of not going up types in a long time. In addition you could contrast in the law reports that the implementation of negative types is something that has been argued and that is not rejected just as it did it the previous governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. This possibility would be able to be presented in the event of arriving at a Brexit without agreement. When it comes to the fixed income, yesterday returned to attend an aplanamiento of the curve of the American treasure in a context of feeling negative in the equities and between the doubts of as the Federal Reserve is going to implement its objective of reverting this aplanamiento via its policies. In Europe, Spain is pending the review of rating by Moody’s and S&P. In Belgium is expected review of its rating by S&P. In none of the cases should produce changes, which is why any variation would be able to have impact in the return of the sovereign debt in the shape of extension of the risk premium. For today's session, regardless of various appearances so much members of the Fed as of the ECB, have the publication of the leading indicators and of the index of feeling of the University of Michigan.

Yesterday's market


The CPI of August fell - 0.4% YY, a - 0.2% YY, in line with the expected thing.


The BOE in an unanimous decision voted for maintaining the types and QE and although the recent details are slightly solider of the expected thing hayun risk of a period of unemployment high more persistent of the planned thing. Emphasises also that it will intensify the conversations on negative types.


The demands for unemployment were 860k (850k expected). The index of businesses of the Fed of Filadelphia of September was 15 points.

Foreign exchange market comment

Rafael Cortés

Yesterday in the meeting of the Bank of England remained the monetary policy without changes and it was pointed out that will not get on the interest rates in a long time. Subsequently in bill them it was observed that the committee is arguing the possibility of implementing negative interest rates in order to stimulate the recovery, this at first weighed on the contribution of the Pound, although then returned to recover after Ursula Von Der's statements Leyen in which was shown convinced of that an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom is still possible.

The EUR/USD returned to bounce from the area of support (1.1750) after the meeting of the FED, expect that in the short term continues crossing in the range in which takes tucked during this finalise month (1.1750-1.20).


UK 08:00 retail sales (Aug.)


US 4.00pm leading indicators (Aug.)
US 4.00pm index feeling U. Michigan (Sep.)

Market summary

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