Feeling of market, by Alberto Carbonell

During the first middle of the week that begins the absence of details will be the tonic dominant which is why matters as the advances in the negotiation of the commercial battle and the publication of the law reports of the Fed on Wednesday will centre the attention.

Last week was characterised by a recovery of the return of the sovereign debt on both sides of the atlantic one. The German bond to 10 years broke with an upward trend the barrier of the - 0.40% and right now pays contributions in the - 0.32%. Although undoubtedly the most notable case went the sharp movement of the Italian bond to 10 years last Thursday that it happened of paying contributions of 1.22% at 1.34% in just a few minutes as a result of the confirmation of Arcelormittal of abandoning the iron and steel Italian Ilva, the elder of Europe. This situation would be able to suppose an economic load for the government of Italy that you would be able to do until trembling its stability.

For today's meeting important details are not published which is why it will be necessary to provide attention to the statements of Of Guindos UBCE, Lane (ECB) and Mester (Fed). Lastly remark that today is bank holiday in Argentina and Mexico.

Yesterday's market


The CPI grew in October 0.1% MM (0.2% esp), 0.7% YY (0.7% esp).


The prices to the imports fell in October a - 0.5% MM (- 0.2% esp), the prices to the exports fell a - 0.1% (- 0.1% esp). The retail sales of October grew in October 0.3% MM (0.2% esp). The industrial production fell a - 0.8% (- 0.4% esp).

Foreign exchange market comment

Juan Carlos Peñalta

Little that remark of an exchange market that maintains the ranges and without significant movements that they do change the current dash. Serve as an example the EURUSD, that of ending the year respecting these levels, would find us before the smaller annual range of the crossroad of its history.

Untroubled week in when to details macro, where the most notable thing will be law reports of the final decision of the Fed together with the usual topics, evolution of the war agent and surveys that they go going out around the English elections.


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