Sustainability and Commitment

Our philosophy

We maintain a strong commitment to sustainability

The financial sector is key in the transformation process towards a sustainable economy as it enables the channelling of resources to activities that contribute to this transition. Our sector promotes building an inclusive, low-carbon economy with a reduced environmental impact, operating with responsibility towards communities and the social environment.

At Cecabank we are aware of the importance of this transition and of our role, as part of the financial sector, in driving and promoting sustainable finance. We have a strong commitment to our community, which enables us to build long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders based on trust. As a result, we have consolidated our leadership with a responsible business model.

Our experts tell you how

Sustainability management


Impacting on people

Our talent as a differential value of the bank: diverse, committed and specialised.

Social impact: generating an impact on our environment with the participation of our employees.

Cecabank donates €100,000 annually to different associations that are proposed and voted on by its employees.

Cecabank family

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Environmental and Climate Change risk and impact management

Calculation and management of our Carbon Footprint

Environmental risks

We work to integrate environmental and climate change aspects into our risk model. This process not only seeks to add a new risk typology but also to bring this sustainable perspective to existing categories, integrating it into the risk management of the bank's various specialised units.

Cecabank has a roadmap in place, aligned with the expectations of the Bank of Spain.


Complying with the highest market standards

Culture of sustainability:

Sustainability is one of our corporate values and is integrated transversally across the organisation.

Good governance, ethics and compliance:

Cecabank has the firm will to operate responsibly while complying with applicable legal regulations and demonstrating its support for Human Rights.

Responsible supply chain:

Alignment of our suppliers with Cecabank's values and objectives.


Applying the highest standards in cybersecurity, data protection and information management in our corporate and business models.


Our value proposition to the market: Solvency, Excellence and ESG business.


The capital ratio of Cecabank remains among the highest in the market. The speciality in Securities Services requires these levels to maintain the trust of our customers web map.

Some of our ESG business lines:

SRI verification of the funds

We verify that financial vehicles, which are SRI and are under our supervision, actually meet the corresponding levels of socially responsible investment.

Proxy Voting

Cecabank offers this voting service on securities held in any market in the world; tax accreditation and tax claims services, based on automated processes through Robotic Process Automation and the portfolio management support service through tri-party accounts including the option of digital onboarding.

Green issues

Cecabank traded in 2021 with 54 benchmarks considered "green" in both government and corporate debt. The first green bond issued by the Spanish Treasury, which issued €5 billion in syndicated issues in September 2021, was issued with a demand of over €60 billion.

Next Generation EU

This year, Cecabank was designated by the European Union as a member of the European market maker network (Primary Dealer Network). The first EU issues in which it participated were the macro debt issues that will finance the Next Generation EU Recovery Fund, the €750 billion aid package for Europe's economic, green and digital transformation.

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