Treasury, Risk and Reporting Services

Trading and Risk Platform

SaaS solution that covers all the Treasury Management activity needs (front office, back office, risk management, collateral management, reporting and capital requirements, among others).


Financial institutions, Public Administrations, Collective Investment Scheme Management Companies (SGIIC) and corporates


Collateral contract management entities

Pyramid Reporting
A comprehensive solution that reduces regulatory costs, optimises the information transfer cycle (XBRL) and is compatible with EBA standards.
+30 customers including banks, credit financial institutions, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and branches of foreign entities.
Coverage at +1,000 financial statements.
DPM model with +1,700 datapoints, +280,000 validations and recalculations.
Analytical layer with more than 3,000 metrics and indicators.

Pyramid Analysis

Tool that allows institutions to compare themselves with benchmark peers in order to determine their competitive ranking based on SREP Pillars.
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