Financial markets

In our Trading Room we carry out operations on the main national and international bond (public and private), currency, equity and derivatives markets. Operations are always carried out according to our guidelines which guarantee a high degree of both liquidity and solvency.

FX #3 of Spain
in volume of contracts
Online contract platform
developed in-house
+25,000 transactions
contracted per year
40 currencies

Market maker

Spanish Treasury Market Maker, participating actively in tender processes and providing the liquidity of the secondary market.

Designated by the EU to assist in debt issuance under the Next Generation programme.

Direct member of the main Central Counterparty Clearing Houses (Meffrepo, LCH Paris and Eurex).

Market maker in futures in organised markets (BME) of the xRolling FX product.

+80% allocated
allocated in syndicated auctions
Co-lead #1

Next Generation EU

In 2021, Cecabank was designated by the European Union as a member of the European market maker network (Primary Dealer Network). The first EU issues in which it participated were the macro debt issues that will finance the Next Generation EU Recovery Fund, the €750 billion aid package for Europe's economic, green and digital transformation.

Green issues

Cecabank traded in 2021 with 54 benchmarks considered "green" in both government and corporate debt. The first green bond issued by the Spanish Treasury, which issued €5 billion in syndicated issues in September 2021, was issued with a demand of over €60 billion.

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