25 March 2014

Cecabank consolidates its position as a Spanish supplier of specialist financial services

25 March 2014

Cecabank today held its General Shareholders' Meeting, in which the management report and 2013 earnings were approved. All the proposals made by the Board of Directors were also approved. The company has consolidated its position as a provider of specialist financial services.

In 2013, the company, chaired by Mr. Antonio Massanell, recorded earnings of 52.4 million. The year ended with 734 million of equity (nearly all top category). It has had a principal capital ratio of 24.8%.

Cecabank is a wholesale bank that is committed to providing services to all financial institutions (it does not have retail customers). Cecabank stands out for providing specialist financial and technological services to other banks.

During the past year, Cecabank launched a Strategic Plan with projections until 2016, which structures its activity in three main lines of business: Securities Services (custody and deposit of securities and investment funds), Treasury and Banking Services (outsourcing of business processes from other retail entities).

The line that has expanded most in the last year has been that of Securities Services. Currently, Cecabank is the depositary of 720 collective investment institutions and pension funds, and it works with more than 20 managers.



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