7 April 2014

Cecabank creates the ealia service to expand SEPA bank statements

7 April 2014
  • The company ServiPagos was created with the aim of offering the ealia service for electronic exchange and distribution

Cecabank will enable the exchange of documentation on banking transactions and bank statements between bank accounts. This is thanks to the new ealia service (www.ealia.es), following the creation of the company ServiPagos. It specialises in managing bills through the SEPA (single payment area in euros).

The ealia service immediately offers a solution to the drastic reduction in the description of direct debit entries. Due to their migration to the European SEPA standard, the field to explain the bill has been reduced from 640 to 140 characters.

The communication of pre-SEPA debit entries, which are still valid on a temporary basis, allowed an extensive description of the charge. The scheme enables service providers to distribute, through banks, bills associated with debit entries. They can then be printed out to customers along with their bank statements. The SEPA standard for debit entries will be compulsory from 10 June. This may mean that issuers who do not take advantage of the new ealia service will no longer be able to distribute their bills through the banking circuit.

Cecabank has invited all banks to collaborate with the ealia service. This way, they can offer their clients who issue debits (insurance companies, schools or public administrations) a way of continuing to give the same detailed information on bills as they have now. The end customers may continue to use their banking channel. Specifically, their online banking is a channel that integrates information on different direct debit bills.

ServiPagos and its ealia service are part of a project promoted by Cecabank. Wholesale bank specialising in the provision of financial and technological services to other banks.



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