28 May 2014

Cecabank and Microsoft are incorporating the latest technology in digital signatures into Caixabank's advanced mobile financial solutions

28 May 2014

Cecabank and Microsoft have created digital signature capture and digitalisation technology on mobile devices (Digital Signature System or SFD), used by CaixaBank in its new advanced financial terminals. These devices are one of the key technologies of the company in its new commercial strategy, CaixaNegocios, and in its new branch model, put into place for the first time in the branch A Diagonal.

The new advanced mobile financial positions are designed to facilitate a close relationship between CaixaBank customers and managers. Customer and manager will share the terminal during the consultancy process. The transaction can be confirmed on the device screen using the digital biometric signature developed by Cecabank. In addition, for the first time, the SFD has been developed in the Windows 8 environment. It is a leading system in capacity to combine traditional corporate work tools with cutting-edge mobile applications. In this way, both environments are integrated in a single device.

The technology has been launched in CaixaNegocios. This is CaixaBank's new business strategy to strengthen ties between customers, businesses, the self-employed, professionals and microbusinesses. Thanks to mobile devices, CaixaBank managers can take the business to the customer. This way, they can advise and facilitate new product arrangements and services from the manager's terminal.

Currently, there are 2,600 managers of the institution using the system.

CaixaBank will also install advanced mobile financial terminals in its branches. The bank's new branch concept seeks to respond to new customer behaviours and needs by bringing the experience in the branch closer to the retail world. The company has already put this model into practice in the A Diagonal branch, located on Avenida Diagonal of Barcelona and inaugurated in November 2013.

Secure digital signature of documents with biometric data capture

The purpose of the SFD is to replace the handwritten signature of paper documents with electronic documents. The purpose is to store the handwritten signature in electronic biometric format in a secure and completely legal way. The system has full legal validity and technological security guarantees certified and audited by third parties in the legal and technical fields.

The SFD enables several objectives to be met. First, the digitalisation of original documents through the digital signature. Secondly, more efficient of processes and the transformation of the relationship with the customer in the multi-channel environment, especially when on the move. Thirdly, reduced operational risk. And finally, cost savings, a reduced environmental impact and the prevention of fraud.

Cecabank's SFD is a key application to promote the adoption of a wide range of Windows 8 devices (2 in 1, detachable, tablet, etc.). They provide a new, more dynamic, fluid and innovative way of working.

The system has obtained various recognitions, both national and international. It is one of the stand-out innovations in the financial sector in recent years.

It is currently installed, using specific devices or operating systems prior to Windows 8, in more than 10,000 branches and more than 30,000 tablets. In total, it is estimated that more than 500 million operations have been signed with the system. The scope of application covers all the retail and administrative activity of a branch (contracts, transactions, applications, procedures, etc.).

Not only are the majority of the companies attached to CECA involved, but banking institutions and credit cooperatives. Other sectors have also joined, such as temporary hiring, retail, hotels, automotive and public authorities.



Digitalised signature Cecabank-CaixaBank – Microsoft



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