29 July 2013

Cecabank's CEO is appointed as independent expert at the EIB

29 July 2013

On 19 July the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) appointed its new independent experts. One of whom was Spain's José María Méndez Álvarez-Cedrón. Thus, Cecabank's CEO has become a new independent expert of the EIB.

The main role of the EIB's Board of Directors is to decide on the granting of credits, guarantees and loans. Furthermore, it oversees the correct management of the EIB and the respect for the provisions of the general Treaties and directives adopted by the Board of Governors, comprised of Ministers (usually Economy) of the 28 Member States.

José María Méndez, CEO of CECA and Cecabank, assents to this EIB position of responsibility as an independent expert at a critical point in which this institution sets out to adopt measures to reactivate funding to SMEs in Europe.

Between 1999 and 2003 José María Méndez occupied various positions in the Directorate General of the Treasury and Financial Policy. He is currently the CEO of CECA and Cecabank. This bank was created in November 2011 and specialises in the provision of financial and technological services to other financial institutions.



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