Form of Enquiry

    Cecabank, S.A., with address on Alcalá street no. 27 of Madrid (28014) is the person responsible for the processing linked to the service channel of denunciations. The contact phone number for these purposes is the 915965000 and the email is It can exercise its rights or enquiries before the Delegate of Data protection (DPO), charge that holds the Regulatory Chief compliance Officer of the company. It can address directly to the same one via the indicated e-mail addresses or postcard previously.

    The legitimation for the processing of the drift details of the lent consent. In no case will be yielded details to third parties except for legal obligation. We will keep its details during the necessary time until the prescription of the legal actions. The aim of the processing will be exclusively the indicated one for you in the marked boxes below.

    It will be able to exercise the access rights, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition or revoke the consent, via the branch of data protection, in the indicated addresses previously.

    Marking the box, you consents expressly its details' use to the indicated ends below:

    Process the denunciation, research on the facts and solve on the fund of the issue
    Solve doubts posed