4 May 2018

Cecabank and the UCJC agree to collaborate in providing training sessions on digital transformation in the financial sector

4 May 2018
  • Both companies have established a cooperation framework for training, research, development and innovation
  • One of their objectives is for UCJC students to learn about and collaborate on real projects proposed by CK-Lab

Cecabank and the Camilo José Cela University have executed a collaboration agreement to perform projects with students. They aim to promote the digital transformation of the banking sector. The initiative, which is part of the Ck-Lab Innovation cooperation forum, includes workshops, events and other joint training activities An example of this are the Master Classes given by Cecabank professionals and the mentoring of students' projects as part of the UCJC Study Abroad programme. This will enable Cecabank to form part of the advisory board for the Camilo José Cela University's Business and Technology Degree.

The agreement was signed at Cecabank's offices in Calle Alcalá, Madrid. Francesco Sandulli, the Vice-Chancellor of Innovation at Camilo José Cela University, attended the event, as did Cecabank's Corporate Director of Technology, Agustín Márquez.

Cecabank's commitment to digital innovation and transformation

Agustín Márquez stressed that the agreement represents a "reaffirmation of Cecabank's commitment to open innovation.In it, different stakeholders, in this case from academia and business, exchange knowledge to foster the technological evolution of financial services and improve the customer experience".

Francesco Sandulli also said that "this agreement with Cecabank is part of Camilo José Cela University's unique and pioneering initiative in Spain. Students at our university will develop professional skills from the first year of their degree through their participation in teams to perform real projects proposed by companies. For these companies, it is an opportunity both to attract talent and to perform innovative projects".

The Ck-Lab Digital Innovation Forum, designed by Cecabank, aims to increase the number of financial services that are available in the digital arena. To do this, it collaborates with banks, fintechs and other agents of the new financial ecosystem.


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