5 February 2015

Cecabank obtains the quality certificate from AENOR for its collections and payments service

5 February 2015

Cecabank has obtained the Quality Management System certificate. It is in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard and is awarded by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification). The scope of the quality certificate covers exchange, settlement and clearing services for collections and payments.This includes transfers, direct debits and fund transfers.

The Company Registration Certificate is nº ER-0023/2015. AENOR has awarded it to Cecabank as proof that its collection and payment management system complies with ISO 9001. It has national and international recognition.

The standard shows Cecabank works within a Quality Management System that complies with all requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, and proves the bank's commitment to continuous improvement. Among Cecabank's strengths, AENOR's auditors have highlighted "it's flexibility as regards incorporating new customers". This is added to Cecabank's wide-ranging knowledge and experience in national and international payment systems and SEPA instruments, as well as its expertise in providing operational and regulatory consultancy in the retail transactional banking field.

The actions undertaken by Cecabank in these areas to obtain the AENOR quality certificate have enabled it to streamline and make collections and payments processes more effective, eliminate poor quality costs and ensure that the whole organisation is committed to quality and business excellence.

According to Standard & Poor's latest rating report on Cecabank, the financial institution plays "a key role in the Spanish payment system", as is shown by the 640 million transactions performed by the company in 2014.

Cecabank quality certificate

This certificate is in addition to the certificates already obtained for Securities and Fund Depository services and is part of the culture of continuous improvement and quality of service that the bank is committed to, which includes its strategic plan.

David Pérez-Barrio, Head of Discounting, Clearing, and Payments at Cecabank, says "getting this certificate reinforces our strong position in payments and collections services to credit agencies and corporate clients, on the basis of our model driven by innovation, maximum efficiency, and the generation of added value".

The collection and payment services quality certificate and the certificates already obtained for Securities and Depository services "reaffirm Cecabank's commitment to offer complete excellence throughout the entire value chain of the services provided to its customers", says Javier Planelles, Director of Cecabank's Operations Division. Banks, managers and large businesses are the main recipients of the services that have been certified.

According to the latest International Standards Organisation (ISO) report, Spain is the sixth country worldwide, and the fourth in Europe rated by the number of ISO 9001 Quality certificates granted, with nearly 43,000 holders in total.

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