Diebold-Nixdorf and Cecabank join forces to offer a comprehensive ATM outsourcing solution

5 November 2021

  • As a result of this agreement, financial institutions and other ATM network owners will be able to fully outsource the processes, assets, resources and responsibilities of the self-service channel, without relinquishing their brand image and strategic decision-making
  • With this alliance with the world leader in self-service solutions, Cecabank reinforces its position as a trusted, comprehensive B2B provider of payment banking services

Cecabank, a Spanish wholesale bank specialising in Securities Services, Treasury Management, Payments and Digital Solutions, and Diebold-Nixdorf, a global leader in driving e-commerce for the banking industry and retail customers, today announced a long-term strategic alliance.

Thanks to this alliance, banks will be able to completely outsource their ATM networks by means of a service that includes each and every one of the elements required by this channel (ATM as a Service): the availability and distribution of cash, the national and international processing of ATM transactions, an acquisitions solution with all the usual functions available on these devices and a family of ATMs that can be easily updated and are future-proofed. This service also offers the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance as required by the self-service channel and in which Cecabank, as a banking institution, provides fundamental knowledge and guarantees.

Today, the financial sector is adapting to new consumer habits that demand more individualised treatment and the ability to carry out transactions at any time of the day, and, as a result of the pandemic, many also prefer to do so without physical contact. For years now, the financial sector has been undergoing a process of downsizing its branch networks, driven by the concentration of institutions, coupled with unstoppable digitalisation and innovations that allow more and more transactions to be carried out in channels other than branches.

This new environment compels banks to simultaneously continue to offer cash services and automated transactions, to make recurrent investments to ensure the technological, regulatory and security upgrading of their ATMs, and, at the same time, to reduce the overall economic burden of the self-service channel.

In this context, the collaboration between Cecabank and Diebold-Nixdorf provides a comprehensive service with which institutions can lighten the complexities of this channel, reducing their internal costs and reducing their risks due to regulatory non-compliance, security or obsolescence.

In terms of its track record in this field, Diebold-Nixdorf is a company made up of technology experts that boasts the largest pool of ATMs in the market. In the field of self-service software, it is a leader in multi-vendor ATM monitoring applications and solutions, with more than 3,300 professionals and teams specialised in services and transition projects.

On its part, Cecabank offers flexible and innovative POS and ATM acquisition and card payment processing, e-commerce and mobile payment solutions, backed by more than 30 years' experience. Its size as a bank guarantees the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance, processing more than 850 million card transactions a year, involving the settlement of around €120 million a day with service availability in excess of 99.998%. In addition, Cecabank has cash depots throughout the country to immediately respond to any request to load ATMs and manage cash surplus after unloading. This agreement will also allow Cecabank to expand its service to other countries and regions.

According to Luis Carlos Rodríguez, chairman of Diebold-Nixdorf España, 'financial institutions are demanding new, more efficient and scalable forms of service provision. This alliance further strengthens our comprehensive ATM as a Service offering and allows us to cover 100% of the self-service needs of any bank in Spain'.

For Juan José Gutiérrez, Cecabank's Corporate Director of Technology Services, 'this alliance allows Cecabank to reinforce its position as a specialist B2B provider of payment banking services by enabling financial institutions to fully delegate their ATM networks to their trusted provider, with the peace of mind that they will have access to the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance'.